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How Efficient

I am committed to customized, precise, and evidence-based treatment as the foundation for your care, using the unique A-B-C-D framework: 

  • My work begins with comprehensive Assessment towards summarizing problems and arriving at definitive diagnoses where/if relevant and with clarity.
  • Furthermore, I share my knowledge on Brain-based understanding of treatment targets such as emotion regulation, emotional reactivity, emotion processing difficulties, reward seeking, attention, impulse control, or executive function that involves organization, forward planning, flexibility and problem solving. It is amazing to learn how our behavior involves all these brain functions. There are individual differences with strengths and weaknesses.
  • With regards to neuro-Chemical treatment, I developed a treatment algorithm with systematic understanding of all the medications used in Psychiatry, using mood disorder as a model. I have a thorough understanding of the neuropsychopharmacology and how combinations of drugs work and complement each other for complex co-existing problems or diagnoses. This understanding offers the ability to explain to you how medicine, only where necessary, is prescribed with precision and logic. With regards to medicine, less is more! Always!!
  • No diagnosis or medicine will help you or your family member without grasping the nuances of relationship Dynamics. Some of the dynamics that utterly complicate life include school problems such as alienation and bullying, career insecurities, dating difficulties, intimacy issues, problems in reconstituted families, parenting issues, couple conflicts with or without differences in parenting styles, issues of divorce and separation, problems with extended family, dealing with difficult personalities in your life, drug and alcohol use in the family, and loss and grief. These dynamics need to be carefully and gracefully addressed with intelligent, practical and reasonable solutions that can be ultimately executed. I am committed to offering collaborative care engaging other professionals as neccessary, your family, schools, colleges or whatever it takes to do what is best for you.

It is my responsibility to explain the treatment as we navigate it together on a safe journey!