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I am a Psychiatrist, Board Certified in Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatry (My CV). My vision is to lift your quality of life. I have spent my lifetime developing the best methods to improve the lives of children, teens and families as a Child Psychiatrist in Chicago- suffering from emotional, cognitive and relationship problems. I am keen to work with your strengths to bring out the very best within you. I consider myself “a pilot” in the process of taking you on a safe journey. It is not enough to be named through awards as one of the Best child Psychiatrist in Chicago or the Top Psychiatrist in Chicago unless I gain the personal satisfaction of seeing you as my trophy, doing well.

Through my research (My Publications), I’ve had the opportunity to open the window into the brain through functional neuro-imaging studies. This allowed me to examine and repair the existing dysfunction with pharmacotherapy using bipolar disorder as a model to understand how brain functions. As an integral part of our team in the past decade, I had the good fortune to develop and then help test child and family-focused cognitive behaviour therapy. What is unique in my work is weaving principles of individual psychotherapy, mindfulness and family therapy into innovative skills to live artfully and use medications only where necessary.

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahatma Gandhi

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  • testimonial-image

    "Pavuluri is thought of in the family circles of children with mood disorders as the Amadeus of Child Psychiatry. Her symphony of care and treatment is simply magical. She can figure out things with such speed and accuracy followed by professional care that is hard to believe. We have two kids that see her and we cannot begin to tell the world how lucky we are. Our children love her. But as parents, we get a lot out of our sessions than perhaps, even our children."

  • testimonial-image

    "I'm humbled by her openness to rethink what is going on with our daughter.  It is the sign of true intelligence/genius (can't find right word) to be able to do so. Love Dr. Pavuluri’s parents for raising her the way they did!"

  • testimonial-image

    "Mani Pavuluri is an angel sent by God. We went from Canada to see Dr. Pavuluri. What a comfort it has been to have her expertise and compassion to depend on throughout our experience. I shudder to think what we’d be dealing with today if we hadn’t had her sound advice to lead us on the path to recovery. She really made a great difference in our lives, and we are sincerely thankful for that."

  • testimonial-image

    "I chose her as a doctor for our daughter because of her intelligence.  We are divorced. She demonstrated that time and again.  She didn't engage either one of us or allowed herself to get stuck in the middle. She is very smart.  She handled both of us artfully.  By simply stating it is something in the middle, she both confirmed what both of us wanted to hear, yet nudged us towards a compromise.  She got the skills.  I am beyond impressed and grateful.  "

  • testimonial-image

    "Our Son seems much more able to delay gratification and less frustrated when things don't work out exactly like he wants. Much more smiley and easy going - contagious! Oh - and he even went to a party last weekend - walked in all alone and socialized just fine with his percussion buddies - first time this year he has socialized with them outside of school."

  • testimonial-image

    "I thank Dr. Pavuluri for her availability, expertise and chill factor!"

  • testimonial-image

    "Pavuluri is always so dear to me.  It is amazing to me how some people are able to overcome the “status quo” and become visionaries.  I believe she is one such person and strives every day to look into the future and help all those poor souls that suffer from mental illness challenges."

  • testimonial-image

    "Our son is accepted and enrolled for the fall semester at Madison Area Technical College.  I thank Dr. Pavuluri for her assistance with that.  He’s looking forward to a busy summer at camp, followed by the new challenge of school.  He’s actually mentioned Dr. Pavuluri several times of late, and is considering going down to talk to her, even possibly thinking about getting back on medication (which he has been refusing to even consider for 8-9 years now).    I’m trying not to push him too hard, as he’ll do the absolute opposite!!!"

  • testimonial-image

    "Our daughter is doing much better – thanks to Dr. Pavuluri. She is back in school and much less reactive at home. Her teachers are seeing very positive improvement."

  • testimonial-image

    "I look up to Dr. Pavuluri and admire her as a human being who has the ability to inspire and lead, quiet naturally, which is rare. I also admire how she composes herself personally and professionally. I have only known her for a little over a year now and I am always glad to be in her company while treating our children because she brings much needed honesty to any situation and room she could be occupying."

  • testimonial-image

    "You will be amazed to hear that our son has made the JV Football team in high school. They loved his size and put him on a diet and workout routine. He is so proud of himself....Thanks to Dr. Pavuluri who saved his life."

  • testimonial-image

    "We are parents of a 12-year-old boy with increasingly severe bipolar disorder. We have just begun Dr. Pavuluri’s book and are so grateful for it - it seems you are describing our very situation. We will devour every morsel of it. She has given us HOPE."

  • testimonial-image

    "Pavuluri is awesome. Are there any like-minded psychiatrists anyone can find to refer us to in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area? WE moved. We are desperate. Please advise us if you can."

  • testimonial-image

    "We are thankful for Dr. Pavuluri for all her help. Her input and expertise have been an invaluable resource in changing our son’s path and holding our family together through the most desperate times. There are no words that can describe our gratitude."

  • testimonial-image

    "I am one of Dr. Pavuluri’s old patients! I was just talking to my mom a little while ago, and thought of Dr.Pavuluri.  We always remember her fondly, and thoughts of her are never far from our hearts. I grew up under her care and I am working full time now as an academic counselor and am starting graduate school next year for social work :) I want to be a psycho therapist. I am doing so well, and I owe a lot of my success to Dr. Pavuluri who held me with support as a child and young adult.  As an academic counselor, my greatest compliment is when my students tell me that I have truly helped them. And Dr. Pavuluri has done way more than that for me.  I will always be grateful to her for saving my life."

  • testimonial-image

    "Oh, my daughter is completely regulated in mood. It is amazing to have her back so quickly after a manic episode. We are so grateful for Dr. Pavuluri’s intelligence, compassion and talent! She is on the top of the list on our thanksgiving holiday, and I am still reeling with joy."

  • testimonial-image

    "We feel thankful for Dr. Pavuluri everything today. She has such a way to make it not seem so bad and I thank her for that. God bless her forever so that others find the way to you like not only my daughter but all these kids and parents that are out there dealing with what I do… "

  • testimonial-image

    "Pavuluri has beautiful words as she opens her mouth. My son is such a different boy today. I truly don't have words to express the gratitude we both have. Just knowing that he now knows he has a chance at life is a miracle. Her practice should have a book of testimonials from parents and children in the waiting room for the children and for the parents to read. I am grateful."

  • testimonial-image

    "I want everyone to read Dr. Pavuluri’s book “What works for bipolar kids”. It is wonderful.  I have Bipolar Disorder.  I am 28 and have two girls, ages 3 and 1.  I was always depressed (have a family history of Mental Illness and mom was diagnosed bipolar in 1990 and sister just was diagnosed last week) and never knew about hypomania until now.   After I had my first child, I slipped back into depression and was prescribed Wellbutrin which I took for two months prior to getting pregnant a second time (and going off it for my pregnancy).  While pregnant with my second child, my moods got worse during the third trimester (dellusional thoughts too) and right after the birth I was put on Zoloft.  That did nothing for my depression but was great for anxiety.  At 5 mos postpartum, my Psych NP decided that because Wellbutrin worked last time that she would put me on it again (she was thinking to put me on Lamictal but because of the track record with Wellbutrin opted for that).  That has been great for my depression and my weight has lifted  (of course its done nothing for my hypomania)."

  • testimonial-image

    "Pavuluri is a genius. Whatever she touches seems to turn into gold with her talent- I am hopeful that she will continue her incredible work."

  • testimonial-image

    "So much of what I am learning about BP I thought was my own personality defects!!!  It is like a weight has been lifted!  While I am an adult now, her book is still very helpful and informative as well as life changing.  I can see myself in my three year old daughter already and so I am going to use the awesome ideas that she has in my parenting.  Not that I might fight off BP if she is to get it, but so that coping techniques will already be in place so she wont end up where I was as a child/teen (messed up but not trying to commit suicide and so therefore not getting attention).  I feel that page 76-80 as well as the Rainbow technique is great parenting info even if your kid isn't BP!!!  Excellent techniques and excellent info!  Kudos! Thanks so much for her dedicated research!!!"

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