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Personalized Care

Personalized Care

If there is one mental health problem, it is stress. We share the commonality of human experience through stress. Indeed, mental health must be considered as dental health.

Even if you have 100 great years, they go by faster than you think. Health is not entirely in our hands, except healthy choices and making memories. I trust that optimizing one’s potential is the goal. Indeed, my signature line is “Dream it and do it.” We have just one life, right?! I do enjoy treating people of all ages across the life span with great joy and consider it as my privilege.


Emotions add value, but overflowing emotions flood the thinking capacity as shown in our brain imaging studies. Clear thinking is essential for successful outcome. Emotions can be a great guide for clear thinking in the right proportion. Self-reflection is essential for calibrating oneself.


Medications literally impact brain function as we demonstrated in brain function studies. My motto is to prescribe the least amount of medicine for the greatest benefit. It is an art by itself, especially if there is more than one medication required to foster neuroplasticity.


An amalgam of eastern and western philosophy influences my way of thinking where doing good and seeing good are the spiritual touch points. Listening, seeing and feeling with your full heart is the very first step. Therapy is very nuanced, as not all modalities fit all. Each person is unique like a finger print. It is important for you to share the inner thoughts where words hit the air. Recognizing and solving the problems through clear thinking and taking the necessary actions can be invigorating. Empathy is like the heart-beat, but by itself is limiting and patronizing. It will take a minute to bring those inner treasures from within each individual to thoughtfully navigate life and find joy.


I feel excited when people tell me things like they heard my voice in the most difficult times and I am the rock in their life. I consider that they all are amazing in sticking through the hard work and moving forward. Everyone is so special, you don’t have to achieve and climb to be great (although I love progress). By “being,” you add value to the world- wisdom passed down from the days of Socrates and Plato. Ultimately, I would love to have my autograph written on the hearts of the people that touch my life. It’s my calling.